The Magic of Kandi


The colorful accessories also known as Kandi is the self-respecting fashion trend of today. Kandi is a fashion statement and a symbol of PLUR. But how did Kandi come to be? A lot of you might assume that this trend started in the 90’s, but it’s much deeper than that.

Let’s take it back to the Caveman Era, the Ice Age, the Mesopotamian Era, even the Ancient Rome. These are all eras in which Kandi took place but where just know differently.

The meaning of PLUR is Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, the battle cry of the rave culture. For those who don’t know what Kandi is, it is a plastic jewelry made from pony beads. It could be a bracelet, cuff, or necklace form.

So this is how it goes: the raver makes Kandi at home with heartfelt messages, amazing patterns or something that has to do with the event they might attend. At the event, when the two Kandi bearers see each other they may approach and ask to trade, that then follows with a special handshake with symbols such as peace, love, unity, and respect express throughout gestures. Then they slide a Kandi over the wrist completing the trade.

If you want to visually see a Kandi trade Click on the video.