About Dennisse

Dennisse Molina can be seen either doing yoga on the weekdays and hiking on the weekends. She has a dedication to the music and would like to be a professional DJ one. Her inspiration started when she took guitar classes in elementary and then took piano classes in middle school. Her music life went up to teach herself new music skills and writing her own until this day. She has accomplished so much in her career.

Dennisse gra18839388_1366803193413705_7209404014449374692_nduated from High School over in Santa Fe, NM back in 2014, her first step to life change. She later then moved out with the support of her parents to the beautiful city of Denver, CO to attend the Community College of Denver in where she got her associates in Journalism. But nothing ends there; she had to work hard to get where she wanted. The struggle of two months paying bills on her own and having to learn the wonders of a big city she didn’t use to she had finally found a place that taught her a lot more about business and marketing.

She started working for a company where she still works. That opens her eyes to the bigger picture; she needed to do more than just only have associates in Journalism. Her work ethic got her an internship with their corporate who she still interns there as video training assistant and well she loves building videos for the company to train others and guide them. Not only that she also got promoted to be a Service manager back in 2016 who her responsibilities are to be a leader and direct others to success. We all know that it’s hard to run a team who don’t have the same views of career, but you know Dennisse has tried to be able to connect with her people. This situation only helps her because she’s has taken so many communication classes. Additionally, Dennisse even was in a public speaking class to get rid of her fear of being able to stand up in front of people and well give a speech or present.

Dennisse currently studies at Colorado Media School whom she has gotten the skills to be able to learn what its like to run a camera, or run a show, even has had the chance to run a radio show as well. She has built more and more of her music as days go by to be to let people know the beauty of media. Her youth group has also always taught her that no matter how successful you may don’t forget who was behind your success. She hopes to when she graduates in October 2017 and will continue with this amazing journey forever, and will teach others what she has learned up to this